Psychological Profiling

Personal Preferences and Psychological Profiling (P4)

P4 is our comprehensive pre-screening program that includes a personality test to determine personal preference and psychological profiling. This allows us to deem your suitability and better prepare you for dates and relationships. It also helps us to understand you and your needs better for a compatible match.

Importance of P4

In the dating world, even amongst a diverse population, people prefer someone similar to themselves. Most of us feel that opposites do not really attract. According to the study done by Fiore and Donath (2005), they examined data from 65,000 online daters and found that people chose those similar to themselves. Online dating is indeed no different from actual dating. In most cases, people look for someone who compliments their personality. Dating should neither be a hassle nor a burden. It should be the most exhilarating phase of any relationship. It is the stage where two people are given the chance to get to know each other of which may eventually lead to a stable and long-lasting relationship.


Psychological Profiling is a very important tool in matchmaking. It helps both parties create a pleasant dating relationship with each other. When both parties are of the same wavelength, their journey together can be one that is smoother and meaningful as they are both able to create a similar environment to make it all worthwhile at the end of the day.

Psychological Profiling focuses more on our unique personality type. It emphasizes that there are no right or wrong attractions. Any personality type can be attracted to any other, and for all sorts of reasons. A given personality type has the tendency to be attracted to other types, different from itself.

Which personality styles are most often attracted to each other? It would be ideal to think of personality types as complementing oneanother as every personality type has its strengths and its weaknesses. It is human nature to attract someone who complements us and to be our better half.

So do not be fearful of this beautiful process. Gone are the days where dating was dreadful and dreary. Now, with the use of Psychological Profiling, dating can be the most exciting part of someone’s life, a phase for every couple to look forward to.

Results of P4

After the P4 consultation, we will then be able to pre-screen potential dates for you as seen in our personalised matching packages.

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