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Destin Dating Article - First Date Tips

What to do when you are on the First Date, meeting that potential soul mate for the very first time?

The time finally arrives and it all boils down to that very moment when you meet that special person for the first time, the one who could be your potential soul mate. What an exciting and yet nerve wrecking feeing that might be.. What if he or she does not share the same feelings as I do? What if my nervousness clams me up and I end up making a fool of myself? What if I am not wearing their favorite color or am not impressed by my date’s physical appearance and become subconsciously distant? That, and along with other what-if’s racing through our minds and cluttering our thoughts into a spiral mess.

It’s understandable. After all, you’ll never know if that person could be The One. We want to appear our best when that situation arises.

The following suggestions are some time-tested guidelines that can help you to achieve a much more meaningful and enjoyable experience.

1. Relax

Do not be overwhelmed by the meeting itself. Adopt a relaxed and open-minded attitude towards the date. When you are relaxed, you will appear more confident and assured. It is an attractive trait. Imagine meeting a friend for a cup of coffee; we are usually in our calm state of mind but with a tinge of excitement. It is useful to steer ourselves toward that similar mentality while on a first date. Strong bonds of love often begin as friendship. Have the same mindset when meeting your date as you would when with a friend, as it wouldn’t hurt to meet someone new.

2. Smile

Smile naturally. Do not force a smile. Forcing a smile can project an image that is superficial and insincere. Relax and smile. Think happy and positive thoughts and a sincere smile will almost come naturally. Make eye contact and extend a warm handshake. A warm handshake (not one that bruises) follows a natural smile. While handshaking, it would be good to introduce yourself e.g., “Hi, I am John, Glad to meet you:)”

3. Do not pre-judge

We all have our own preferences but we should not let that dominate or cloud our views of whom we meet.It would always be good to understand the character of whomever we meet instead of forming split second stereotypes, which would eventually give us a bias opinion of our new friend. Yes, looks can be deceiving and it is up to us to control our innate ability to pre-judge, as we should give everyone a chance to let their personality shine.

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