Dating Tips – Food to Avoid on a First Date in Singapore

Dating Tips – Food to Avoid on a First Date

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The first date can be rather nerve wrecking with so much running through our minds and that constant need to look perfect. The last thing we’d probably want is to attend to the extra worry of what’s on our menu. Singapore is known for its plethora of cuisines at almost any hour of the day and what better way to get to know someone than over a meal. With our wide variety of offerings from hawkers to restaurants, picking out a place for a dinner date might prove to be a little more overwhelming than we thought. To make this process a little simpler, we did a little research on foods known to the masses and even included in some of Asia’s popular dishes. Here are our top 10 suggestions of what to avoid on a first date.

10. Pasta

Pastas are one of our simple favorites but there is no doubt that sometimes, the tomato-basil sauce can end up splattering spots on our carefully picked outfits. However, if the date ends up at a nice Italian restaurant and pastas are their signatures, try going for something more manageable such as penne or fusilli, for we might not always get that perfect twirl on our forks on the spaghetti. We don’t want to end up paying more attention to our dinner than our date.

9. Sushi

Sushi places make great dining choices until we order one of those giant sushi rolls stacked with layers of roe, fish and assorted vegetables. A bite of one of these could send rice chunks falling apart, sashimi toppling over or we might even end up forcefully chewing that stubborn roll of seaweed off. Next comes the endless sushi munching, which could mean occasional awkward silences. We’d advise on ordering something a little smaller for a start.

8. Spinach

Salads are great and they even show the health conscious side of us. However, be careful when chewing on our greens. Some of these vegetables such as spinach are known to remain stuck between our teeth and it is impossible to constantly check in the mirrors each time we take a bite. Choose a salad with vegetables easier to chomp on as we don’t want to create uncomfortable moments with our date each time we smile at them.

7. Tom Yum Soup

A delightfully tasty broth boiled with fresh ingredients such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, coriander etcetera, this dish has grown in popularity and is readily available throughout Singapore. However, we suggest skipping this dish on the first date. Slurping soup that has the potential to create stains may look unflattering and not to mention that the spiciness of chili peppers may result in endless perspiration.

6. Burgers

Burgers are known to get messy! Granted, though, that they make an excellent choice for a casual day out or for a more down to earth setting but it’s probably best to rule them out for a first date. First of all, it is almost impossible to enjoy them with cutleries and, honestly, why use a fork when burgers are best indulged with hands. Things can become quite messy, too, due to their towering size because of all those layers of patties, cheeses and onions. The last thing we want is to have those ingredients spilling onto our dresses and having barbeque sauce on our faces. Perhaps we’ll leave it till next time.

5. Ramen

This noodle soup dish has grown in popularity all over the world and become one of our favorite dishes of all time. This dish is usually served in a giant bowl filled with delicious steaming broth, noodles, meat slices and some vegetables. Like spaghetti, noodles can be quite a challenge to consume. To make things even tougher, this dish is served hot in soup. As a result, slurping is inevitable and we’d expect some drops of perspiration to trickle as we enjoy our ramen. And we haven’t even taken the spice factor into consideration.

4. Onions

Onions are one of the most widely used ingredients throughout the world. This bulb is essential in producing flavory dishes as it gives off a sweet aroma when boiled for long periods. Nevertheless, onions are known to be pungent when chopped which may end up leaving a lingering bad breath throughout the rest of the date. We’d suggest forgoing the French onion soup as well. Apart from the onions, the cheese that comes along with it causes additional breath problems or might even end up hanging inappropriately from your chin!

3. Garlic

This one’s a given. Garlic is great for adding flavors to various dishes and is responsible for delightful creations such as bruschetta and garlic bread.As much as it enhances our meal, garlic is known to stink. The chopping process of garlic releases enzymes, which alters the bulb chemically to produce that typical pungent smell of garlic. These molecules are then absorbed into the bloodstream and lungs and expired through our breath and perspiration, giving off a strong odor, which can last for one to two days. It would be best to give dishes containing garlic a miss.

2. Durians

The king of fruits. Love it or hate it. It’s tough to stay neutral on this one. Nonetheless, it is one of Singapore’s most popular fruits that become especially prominent during the harvesting season. However, durians are known to have an extremely strong smell even without having to open its shell. Not everyone appreciates its moist and buttery texture and it would be wise to stay clear of it till we learn more about our date’s preferences.

1. Chili Crab

This famous dish is Singapore’s signature creation and the epitome of a bad dish for a first date. Mud crabs are popularly used and they are soaked and served in a thick tomato-chili base that will ignite your taste buds and leave you craving for more. The authentic way to enjoy this dish is to crack the shell open and then to dig in with bare hands before slurping the crabmeat out of its shell, along with any sauce that drips from it. Need we say more? The mess it creates is disastrous. Give it a few more dates before considering it as an option. That said, it is however, simply a wonderful dish to indulge in, especially during special occasions.

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