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Dating Tips
Destin Dating Article - Dating Taboos

Research has shown that first impressions last and it is therefore essential to form one that counts. Our physical appearance play one of the biggest role in making an impression as it is the one aspect people notice first. Grooming is a necessity. Most women would prefer men to be clean shaven while men would appreciate some make up on their women.

1. Grooming

Although being comfortable in ones dressing is an important part of a relationship, it is good to dress pleasantly on the first date instead of throwing on something shabby. No one needs to see that spaghetti stain from last night. These gestures by both parties symbolize effort and interest, and, therefore, allow both sides to appear committed to fulfilling the first date.

2. Body Language

Our dates do not have a clear understanding of our habits and interest on that first meeting and, therefore, it is important to keep our body languages in check. We are all relatively busy people in today’s society the constant need to attend to our mobile phones become inevitable. However, by doing this throughout our date, we appear aloof and uninterested and as a result, we may turn off a potential partner. Statistical analysis shows that 93% of what we try to convey appears in our body language. So while we spend efforts wrecking our brains on the right words to say, our non-verbal cues have to also be in sync with what we speak.

Our subconscious is a very powerful tool that is reflected in our actions. The Duchenne Smile is an example of how non-verbal cues overwrite our words. It is a smile coming from true positive emotions felt within a person and is one that is difficult and almost impossible to fake. It is only seen when one is genuinely happy, where it not only involves the zygomatic major muscle but also the orbicularis oculi muscle that contracts the eyes.

3. Frame of Mind

Lastly, it is important to be rid of fear and skepticism with the idea of love. Feel the freedom of loving oneself and being contended with our own company. Most of us avoid falling into the spiraling trap of being alone because we fear loneliness itself and give in to our false sense of dependence. A happy being who enjoys the gift of life would in turn attract positivity and good things will naturally follow. Happiness comes from within. It is with this happiness that we are able to attract people who resonate in this same mentality. It is impossible to be loved when we do not even love ourselves.

So on that very first date, take a deep breath and calm down. Take a few moments to breathe to set you into a positive frame of mind with a relaxing mood. Enjoy the evening and immerse in the beauty and joy of meeting someone new.

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